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Italy is currently the #1 wine exporting and producing country in the world, as well as the most imported country in the USA.

North American Sommelier Association is proud to present the first “Italian Wine Specialist” certification program recognized throughout the world and endorsed by the WSA  (Worldwide Sommelier Association) as well as the AIS (Italian Sommelier Association).
The course was designed exclusively by NASA and extracted from the full Sommelier course of the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS,, recognizes as the leading global educational and consulting authority on Italian wines and key member of theWSA (Worldwide Sommelier Association

Italian Wine Specialist certificate course consists in 22 Hours split in 4 days of class and tasting and with a final written exam, on the 5th day, required to achieve the certificate.
The program is adapt for everybody who is interested in the ever-growing vast and staple world of the Italian wine.
A portion of the course is dedicated to the exclusive and advanced AIS “technical wine tasting technique” for which Nasa/ AIS are famous.
The class will deeply and fully explore all 20 wine regions of Italy, their wine laws, regulations, grape varietals, traditions, trends, history, typically as well as key characteristics and includes a brief overview of the cuisine and culture.

Nasa’s curriculum, training, experience and heritage embraces the entire world of wine, but distinguished itself as the highest qualified and quality educator in Italian Wine thanks to its close partnership with the Italian Sommelier Associations Overseas.
With an exclusive diploma of “Italian Wine Specialist” that is achieving remarkable popularity amongst both industry professionals and amateur wine lovers, NASA stands to establish itself as a leading educational & networking entity in North America.


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